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Look man, for some reason a ram ended up in a castle filled with lava and spikes everywhere. Don't ask me. Anyway, make your way though the 5 "quality" levels. It's a quick one, folks. Modeled after "I Wanna Be The Boshy"'s physics.  

Use WASD to move. You can hit "Enter" and "Escape" in level transitions to make it faster, but you can also just click the buttons on the screen.

The Ram is modeled after Sorbet Jungle's Sol Ram, which is amazingly cute. Go buy it.
There's an inappropriate voice line, provided by Tourettes Guy (I don't own the clip). If you need me to remove it, just message me.

(It's my first game, made in a couple of days. Be gentle ;))

There's a couple of glitches, but they're all hilarious and can actually save time in levels. Good luck finding them.

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder using WinRar or 7zip. Then, click on the executable. Have fun!


Super Ram Bros.zip 2 MB

Development log


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If the creator(s) see this i am gavan55 on zond's twitch <3 AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE RAINDROPS STILL BECAUSE  THE MOVING RAINDROPS MAKE MY EYES CRIPPLE. thank you

This game is made for eye cripplage.